Integrated Blinds

Armour Sealed Units Bristol offer a range of integrated blinds totally enclosed within glass sealed units suitable for both doors & windows.

Integrated Blinds


Armour Sealed Units in Bristol offer a range of blinds totally enclosed within glass sealed units. You will often hear these blinds referred to as integral blinds or enclosed blinds. Some architects and designers also use the term interstitial blinds.

Why choose an Armour Integrated Blind sealed unit?

  • Dirt and dust free
  • Slats are sealed inside the glass and cannot be damaged
  • Complete privacy is offered
  • Precise control to ensure protection against heat build-up and glare

The integrated blind kit comprises the main blind, a spacer bar system and the blind controls. Here at Armour in Bristol we then make up the blind and manufacture this into a high quality sealed glass unit (windows or doors) to suit the required application for the client.

Residential Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are an increasingly popular choice for the discerning homeowner. Integrated blinds not only have style and a real ‘wow factor’ but they are also very practical as external blinds are often fiddly and spoil the overall look by getting in the way. Integrated blind units are also ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where external blinds can get wet, damp and become mouldy and unsightly.

Armour integrated blinds are especially popular in bi-folding door sets, allowing the opening and closing of doors without having to move blinds out of the way. On a practical level young children and pets cannot interfere with the blinds themselves or the controls, preventing injury or damage to the blinds, slats and controls.

Commercial Integrated Blinds

Integrated blinds are a popular choice for commercial applications such as offices, hospitals and hotels. They add style and practicality to many commercial settings.

Armour commercial blinds system is perfect for areas where conventional external blinds may cause obstruction or be subject to damage or wear and tear. Our commercial integrated blinds system is perfect for installation in high traffic areas and all our units have a robust internal operation system for trouble free and smooth operation.

We can offer a service for both one offs or a whole new building as required. Get in touch with Armour Sealed Units here in Bristol for all your integrated blinds commercial and office requirements. For both residential and commercial all internal parts have a 5-year warranty and external parts a 2-year warranty. All external parts are easily replaceable if lost or damaged.

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